Birchbox Review – September 2014


Birchbox – September 2014 – “Fresh Paint”

Can you have a personal blog nowadays without reviewing subscription boxes?  Or am I only reading subscription box blogs?  Whatever.

I received my September Birchbox on Tuesday the 9th–the earliest in the month I’ve ever gotten one!  I try to stay spoiler-free, but I usually have a pretty good idea of what I will get depending on the shipment date, my box history (Birchbox won’t send you the same item twice, unless it’s a color variation), my sample choice for the month, and the buzz on Instagram and online discussion forums.

This month’s theme was “Fresh Paint” to celebrate the back-to-school season.
The boxes were printed with bright geometric patterns to commemorate the
theme and Birchbox’s fourth anniversary as a company.

Here’s what I got:

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser Kit* – I’ve been wanting to try this and I was so excited that it was offered as one of the “pick your
sample” options this month.  The sample is so nice and well-presented in its
own little blue box with a muslin washcloth–it’s like a Birchbox within a
Birchbox.   I tried it and was instantly impressed.  I can see why this is so popular and highly-reviewed.  The formula is thick, rich, and creamy,
and it has a fresh, herbal scent.  My skin felt clean, soft, and just, well, fresh after using this–no dryness or tightness.  It didn’t get every trace of my eye makeup, but I kept touching my cheeks to feel how soft and clean they were.  🙂  This is a pleasure to use and I will probably apply my Birchbox rewards points towards the purchase of a full-size bottle.

Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Gold Couture perfume – I think of Juicy Couture as a (fading?) teenage brand, so I wasn’t overly excited about this sample, but I was curious to try it.  I’m definitely liking it.  This perfume smells nice–warm, sweet, musky, slightly spicy–and will be good for fall.  It’s a little too strong for my taste right after spraying, but it smells much better to me after it dries and mellows out on my skin.  I will definitely enjoy and use the sample, but I don’t know yet if I will buy a full-size bottle.

Pixi by Petra Lip Balm – I wanted to like this because I love lip balms and
glosses, but I find the formula too hard and dry.  It’s difficult to apply
because of the consistency, but the color survived through a meal.  I got
the color “Ripe Raspberry” and it’s too bright and bold for my taste, even
though I know the point of Birchbox is to try new things.  Plus, the
twist-style lipstick tube applicator used for this product doesn’t hold the
product in place when I try to apply it.  The product falls and twists back
down into the tube with the slightest pressure.  Other people seem to love this balm and the Pixi brand, though, so maybe I’m the oddball.

Jouer Luminizing Moisture Tint – I got the shade “Golden” and it gives my pale the look of a light, “healthy” tan–not bad!  The coverage is light but it definitely gives plenty of color, and it’s made with mineral sunscreen ingredients, which I prefer to chemical sunscreens.  I’m undecided, though, on the “luminizing” part of this.  It’s much more shimmery than I usually prefer–I feel like I look shiny instead of dewy.  Next time, I will try using less or using it more strategically (i.e., not on my chin and forehead).

Davines OI Shampoo (small bottle), Conditioner (foil packet), and All in One Milk (foil packet) – This is an Italian brand pronounced “DAH-vin-nace.”
The shampoo is a generous sample size and it smells good.  I haven’t tried
this trio yet but I’m looking forward to it.

Overall, I really like this box and will enjoy using and sharing the samples.  The Liz Earle sample kit alone is exciting to me!

* I recently read an article about how restaurants charge more money
for dishes that are elaborately named and described in their menus.  I think
cosmetic companies do this, too.  😉

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