FrenchBox Review – September 2014

My September 2014 FrenchBox

My September 2014 FrenchBox

What perfect timing. After my post yesterday about loving all things French, I got home to find that my FrenchBox had arrived!

FrenchBox is a brand-new subscription service and the September box is their first shipment. The company promises to send trendy French goodies each month—like makeup, accessories, and edible treats—and the website lists some high-end brand partners (Caudalíe and Sothy’s, for example). I got the first box for only $14, but the regular price after this is $24 a month.

The FrenchBox packaging was adorable. Everything was wrapped in a white, pink, and black color scheme, and the inside of the sturdy box is printed with little Eiffel Towers. When I opened the lid, I saw an illustrated postcard tied under a printed ribbon—which is exactly what My Little Box does (more on that company later).

I avoided all spoilers for this, so it was fun to dig into the wrapping and see what I got. The theme was “Grape Harvesting Season” and my box included the following items:

  •  Sothy’s nail polish in Fruits Rouges – Great brand, good red color, full size! Perfect name and color for the grape theme!
  • Sothy’s eyeliner pencil in black – Great brand, useful color, full size!

I’m so glad I got the eyeliner and nail polish. I’ve now seen other box variations online that included lipstick and lip liner, which I wouldn’t use and enjoy.

  •  Caudalíe Polyphenol C15 SPF20 Anti-Wrinkle Protect Fluid – Great brand, sample size. I’m looking forward to trying this, even though I think it has chemical (rather than mineral) sunscreen ingredients. This is made with grape seed extracts, too, so it definitely fits with the theme!
  •  Missiu Eiffel Tower bracelet in black – Yay! I really like this delicate thread bracelet. This brand is new to me but I did some research and it looks like these little bracelets are very popular right now in France and Italy. The bracelets come in lots of bright colors but I’m so happy I got the black—it seems the most French and Eiffel Tower-like to me. 😉
  •  Canvas wine bag printed with “Yes Way Rosé” in pink – This is pretty cute, but I would like it 100% more if it didn’t have a Whispering Angels logo on it. The bag is great quality and the motto/font/color are adorable, but the logo makes it look like a freebie. I had never heard of Whispering Angels, but I looked it up and it’s a popular French wine brand. I would give this bag as a gift if I bought actual Whispering Angels wine to go inside, but…Hmm. I don’t know what to do with this. On the rare occasion that I bring wine (i.e., cheap champagne or sparkling moscato) anywhere I usually bring more than one bottle…I usually bring it in plastic bags with other stuff like Doritos… #classy Maybe I can frame the printed part? Or hang the bag somewhere and use it to store small/long things?

The box also included a little bag of Buddy Fruits banana gummies, a product detail card, and a recipe card for red wine-poached pears.

Overall, I think I lucked out big time with this box! I got the variations I would want based on what I’ve seen elsewhere, and I really like the black bracelet. I think this particular box is a good value for me at $14, but I’m not sure how happy I would have been if I had spent $24 (or gotten lip products). I will keep the subscription for at least another month to see what happens next. So many subscription box companies (especially new ones and small ones) look cheap and random, but this one is starting strong with good branding, great presentation, high-end brands, and a cohesive theme.

P.S. I noticed that the box logo text is in all capital letters but the ribbon logo text was in mixed case. #neurotic

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