It’s the Weekend!

Meet Penny the teacup yorkie!

Penny the teacup yorkie!

Fridays are my favorite day of the week (said everyone ever). I love the feeling of a week of work being almost done and a well-deserved break on the horizon. I seem to have more energy on Friday afternoons, too, than I do any other afternoon of the week. I might want to nap/veg after work every other day, but on Fridays I’m more likely to push through some chores so I can enjoy my weekend!

Here’s what’s on tap for this weekend:

Puppy-sitting! We’re keeping a friend’s dog this weekend and she’s a TEACUP YORKIE. Ohemgee. She arrived last night and I can’t get over the cuteness. The cats aren’t thrilled, but I am.

The Florida vs. Alabama football game. I’m nervous. I’m excited. I’m nervous. It’s on CBS, though, so we have to suffer through commentary from Lundquist and Danielson. Sigh.

Football-watching snacks. ‘Nuff said.

Fall decorating? We’ll see. The first “official” day of fall is Tuesday! I lit my new pumpkin candle for the first time last night and it smelled so good! I got the NEST Pumpkin Chai candle and I really like it. It smells like a pumpkin pie is really baking in the oven. The perfume didn’t irritate my eyes after a couple of hours, either, which I’ve noticed with some candles, so that’s a plus.

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