Happy Street – New Farm Theme

My All-American farm!

My fledgling farm!

After a week of waiting, the Farm update for the Happy Street game finally hit the App Store last night…and it’s adorable.

The Farm theme is definitely Happy Street’s nod to all things American. The game already has content related to France, Ireland, China, Japan, and a host of holidays (like Christmas and Halloween), but the Farm update is a mix of elements dedicated to the history of the American West and agriculture in America’s “Bread Basket” region.

Here’s what the new Farm theme includes:

Muh Farmers house. You can’t have a classic American farm without a red barn and a cow family! Moo!

Steamer Wheel. This is a paddle boat ride for your Happy Street citizens! I immediately thought of Mark Twain and the Mississippi River when I saw this little steamboat. The characters hop into baskets and ride (bumpily!) around the wheel. So cute.

Grandma’s Jams. This is a beautiful little shop! Happy Streeters stop by and carry away little glass jars of jam.

Ol’ Days Outfits. Here’s where your citizens can go to dress like proper pioneers. They leave the store with pigtail braids, sunbonnets, suspenders, and wide-brimmed hats. The outfits remind me of the clothes Laura Ingalls and her family wore in the Little House books, and the store reminds me of the “old timey” photo booths at amusement parks were you can dress in nineteenth century costumes and have black-and-white portraits made! (Side note: I don’t see any new clothing options in the Tailor Shop menu with this update.)

Sir Rabbit’s House. This house of bunnies is a little random considering the theme, but they are super cute (one wears glasses!). The house is decorated in white, blue, green, and orange and can work for a spring or Easter theme, too.

Catch ‘em All “Magic Tree.” This is a little game within a game! Each time the tree restocks, you have three chances to drop and catch fruits in a moving basket for coin prizes. It’s harder than it would seem and I need more practice! I wish the tree gave Flooz prizes instead of coins, though.

Good Ol’ Pies. This is another bakery! I think my Happy Street has at least four or five different bakeries, but I’m not complaining. The shoppers at Good Ol’ Pies take away tiny single slices of (yellow) apple and (dark red) cherry pie…which makes me think of Johnny Appleseed and George Washington!

Decorations. The Farm theme also includes an iconic red Silo and a pretty little Floral Arrangement, as well as a rustic Directional Sign post topped by an American bald eagle.

One Flake Only. I don’t have this building yet but it’s a little gold mine—the great California Gold Rush is definitely an important part of American history! I wonder if the characters will visit and leave with pickaxes!

And, as if all this wasn’t enough, there are also horse-drawn Conestoga wagons and stagecoaches driving through town now! Little pioneers hop off and shop before galloping away. You can also purchase and lay Straw Ground road in front of your farm. It’s striped in rows like a harvested field and there are little horseshoe prints in the dirt.

Almost all of these must-have items are expensive (50 to 130 Flooz apiece!) and the entire theme requires 19 lots on the street.  The Farm theme is available for a limited time (for 63 more days according to my game), so I hope that’s ample opportunity for players to earn enough Flooz to get everything they want. Building times seem to be quite short, though, and the materials required for building updates are modest.

All in all, the Farm details are incredibly thoughtful and the artwork is as wonderful as always. It’s fun to see, too, what a French company thinks of when it’s developing an American theme. I’ve heard that other countries think of cowboys and pioneers when they think of America, and this update definitely reflects such a conceptualization. Frequent, substantive updates like this one have kept me playing Happy Street for years—and I hope the developers release some new Halloween content soon, too!

P.S.  Another one of my favorite app games is Tiny Thief. It’s the only game I’ve found that I’ve enjoyed as much as Happy Street. Check it out.

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