Long Weekend…

Three-day weekends are the best. I feel like I can devote one day to playing/relaxing, one day to chores/errands, and one day to the things I don’t normally get around to on weekends, like little craft or household projects.

This weekend was so nice:

On Saturday – I got a haircut (DevaCurl!) and then picked up the family. After a lunch of wings, we visited a small farmer’s market for its annual harvest festival. There was a petting zoo and we got to touch a newly hatched chick who was only two or three days old. He so was warm and fragile and soft. We walked around and looked at all the produce and ate homemade ice cream and caramel apples. Then, we picked out some pumpkins to decorate the house and left to stop by a huge nearby popup Halloween costume shop. It had oodles of stuff, including some scary decorations. I started to watch the Gators game later that evening but feel asleep…They lost, though, so I guess I didn’t miss much.

On Sunday – Hmm. I don’t think I left the house on Sunday. I puttered around and tackled some bills and paperwork.

On Monday – I had brunch at a local diner with my lovebug and then spent the afternoon shopping with my sister. We went to Starbucks and to a Hobby Lobby that recently opened near us. I’ve been to Hobby Lobby in other states and I love it, so I’m glad we have one nearby now! I spent the rest of the evening cross-stitching a new kit, eating pizza, and watching everyone else in the family (and some visiting friends) work on their own projects for school, Halloween, and Thanksgiving. It was a cozy night and it was nice that we were all working on something tactile and creative. We’re usually staring at screens! (Well, to be honest, some screens were involved last night, too, but they were mostly used for inspiration and reference… 😉 )

On Tuesday – Back to work, but now it’s only a four-day week! Whoo-hoo!

P.S. I appreciate a long weekend, but I’m conflicted about Columbus Day. I started reading Howard Zinn’s A People’s History of the United States recently and his first chapter reminded me (in great detail) of how densely populated and strikingly advanced the “New World” and its native cultures were. Here’s a nice CNN opinion piece on the subject, too.

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