FrenchBox Review – October 2014

My October FrenchBox

My October FrenchBox

I hate to report that I canceled my FrenchBox subscription after receiving my second box. 🙁 I got the same variations as blogger Liz from My Subscription Addiction. You can read her full review here.

So why did I give FrenchBox the axe? Well…

In my heart of hearts, I just want My Little Box…not the FrenchBox knock-off. I wish My Little Box shipped to the US.

The curation is off. The first box included fruit snacks, and the second box included moist towelettes from a Japanese company. The packaging of FrenchBox is lovely, but some of the items are too random for me. I would like the box to have fewer and better items–little exquisite things from France that aren’t expensive, necessarily, but that are well-designed and thoughtful. (Maybe: Gourmet candy. Small bottles of perfume. Local postcards. Figurines or ornaments. Jewelry and accessories. Magazines or books.)

The value isn’t there for me. The aggregate cost of the individual items is greater than the $24 cost of the box, but I don’t use many of the items. For example, I don’t cook, so the big packet of herbs this month isn’t exciting to me, and I didn’t understand the use of the branded canvas wine bag in last month’s box. I was excited about the mascara in this month’s box, but it’s super messy–way too much product comes out on the wand. I would rather save my money and see what happens next. If I see an item in future boxes that I really want, I’ll buy it singly and directly from the source.

I’m signed up for Liz’s My Subscription Addiction (MSA) Quarterly box. This box is more expensive and rare than FrenchBox (it’s $50 and ships four times a year), but I think I will enjoy it more. Liz is a popular subscription blogger who gets oodles of products, and she seems to know what most women like. Her first fall box sold out before I could buy it, but it looked awesome–cozy scarf, chai-scented candle, coffee & cardamom body scrub, TATCHA powder cleanser, all-natural lip gloss, and great coupon codes for JustFab shoes and more TATCHA products. Liz also prefers “clean” personal care products, so I know I’ll be able to use and enjoy the makeup and skincare items she includes. I can’t wait for her winter box!

Of course, now that I’ve canceled, the November FrenchBox will be wonderful. Sigh. Another subscription blogger, Jennifer from Ramblings of a Suburban Mom, keeps new box subscriptions for a minimum of three months before she decides to cancel them…But I’m too cheap to do that!

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