Review – Target Back to College Care Package for Her

My Target College Box

My Target College Box

I passed on the recent Target beauty box, but I bought TWO of the Target Back to College care packages for women for $5 each—one for me and one for a tweenage friend. These boxes are all sold out now, but there was a great men’s version that I wish I had gotten, too. It had two nice razors and some other goodies for $5. I hope Target offers all of these boxes again next fall. They’re great for little surprise gifts for college students (as they are designed to be!), stocking stuffers, or shelter donations.

I knew I “had” to get this college box after I saw it included a Gillette Venus Snap razor. It’s a cute little travel razor that I’ve been eyeing for months, but I couldn’t bring myself to pay $10 for it in the store…and now I got it for $5, along with some other goodies!

To me, everything else in the box was just a bonus after the razor:

Neutrogena Make-up Remover Cleansing Towelettes (7 wipes). I’m not crazy about the chemicals in Neutrogena products, but I will try these. I’m lazy and sleep way too often in my makeup, so I’ll keep these by my bed and see if they can really remove my eyeliner and mascara. Wipes like these never seem wet enough to really break up tough makeup.

Purell Advanced Instant Hand Sanitizer (mini bottle). I got the traditional unscented version and my tweenage friend got an apple pie scent. I’m not crazy about the chemicals in most hand sanitizers and don’t use it often, but this little bottle will be good to stash at my desk at work, especially during cold and flu season.

U by Kotex pads and tampons (2 of each). These are cutely packaged and definitely targeted to tweens and teens. I will add these to my donation stash.

Nivea Touch of Happiness Moisturizing Body Wash in Orange Blossom scent, Tide Pod in Spring Meadow scent, and Downy Unstopables In-Wash Scent Booster in Fresh scent (samples). I have sensitive skin and am particular about the soaps and detergents I use, so I will add these goodies to my donation stash.

Target Up & Up Adult Gummy Multivitamins coupon. The box included a coupon good for one FREE bottle of vitamins!  Some gummy vitamins don’t taste that great, but these are good–no particularly weird or strong aftertaste.

Coupon booklet.

White box. I know it’s weird to mention the actual shipping box, but it’s a great box–sturdy, plain glossy white, and lidded. I’ll use this for storage or gift wrap.

I love getting fun things in the mail and this box was a great value for me. Keep ’em coming, Target!

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