Don’t forget to vote today!

I’m so thankful that I live in a time and place where I can vote. After all,

  • I’m not a man
  • I don’t own land
  • I’m not wealthy or powerful
  • I follow (or don’t follow) a specific religion

In the past, I would have been barred from voting in America for some of these reasons. Even today, I would be barred from voting in other countries for some of these reasons. I cannot imagine how angry and helpless I would feel.

Our ancestors worked hard to create a revolutionary democratic nation marked by equality, personal freedom, and independence. We’re not there yet, but we move closer and closer to the ideal every year. I don’t want to forget how far we’ve come, and I want to exercise the rights that were hard-won by others before me. I want to advance the great American endeavor even further…so I voted today.

I hope you did, too.

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