What’s in Kate Middleton’s Clutch?

Kate with a little red clutch.  Image from nymag.com.

Kate with a little red clutch. Image from nymag.com.

I love Kate Middleton’s style and basically envy her life…or, at least, her closet and figure. 🙂 I stumbled upon a great slideshow of her outfits here and noticed that she’s carrying a cute, boxy clutch in almost every photo…which got me wondering. What exactly does Kate Middleton carry in her little purse?

Think about it. She doesn’t need ID of any kind–everyone knows who she is. She doesn’t need money, because she’s always a guest or hostess at these events. She doesn’t need a car key or driver’s license, either, because she is chauffeured. And she doesn’t need house keys–guards at the gates and doors let her in.

It’s kind of hilarious to me–the idea of really needing nothing, of being able to go out into the world every day without any of the little bits of paper and metal that the rest of us need to navigate the world. I can’t imagine being so completely cared for. I wonder if she enjoys it or if the dependence/structure drives her crazy.

So what IS in those little clutches? What supplies would she need to survive all those looong social events?

My guesses:



Cough drops.





Lady supplies.

Cell phone.

 Am I forgetting anything?

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