Birchbox Review – December 2014

I got my December Birchbox last week! Woot!

I actually stayed pretty spoiler free for this one, which was nice–especially at Christmas! I usually choose my sample and then stalk MakeUpTalk or Instagram to see what other people got. You can ruin your surprise by doing this, though, because Birchbox only sends out so many box combinations and they won’t send you the same item twice, so the process of elimination is pretty quick for a long-time subscriber!

Birchbox sent bright blue boxes this month instead of their usual kraft boxes. The blue boxes were stamped in gold foil designs and were very festive! Each box also came with instructions to get a gift code for $10 to spend in-store at the GAP, making this box free! I don’t normally shop at the GAP, but I will definitely stop in and see what they have—I might be able to pick up some socks or stocking stuffers for free.

Here’s what else I got in my December Birchbox:

Manna Kadar Lip Locked in Lucky – This lip gloss/stain/primer combo was my sample choice and I like it a lot. The color is great for me because it’s a nude-pink that’s basically the same color as my lips—I don’t like bright or dark lip colors and usually stick to clear balms. This gloss is essentially the same color as the full-size Model Co. lipstick I got a few months ago, though, so I don’t plan to buy this in the full-size. The sample packaging looks a little meh to me—it’s a plastic tube with a sticker and a stick-on jewel—but that’s no biggie. It just seems odd for a higher-end product (the full size retails for $24).

RUFFIAN Nail Lacquer in RUFFIAN Red – Yay!  I’ve been wanting some Ruffian polish for months! (For some reason I had originally opted against nail polish in my profile quiz–I’m glad I caught and fixed that a few months ago.) I would probably wear a nude or lighter color more often than this bright red, but this color is perfect for festive Christmas toes. I might add some gold glitter on top. Anyway, the internet raves about this nail polish and I can see why—it has good coverage and bright shiny finish.

Vasanti Kajal Extreme Intense Eye Pencil in Rose Gold – Hmm. I like the formula of this eyeliner—smooth, easy to apply—but this color probably isn’t great for my light, pinkish skin. I drew a line on the inside of my wrist and it looked exactly like a scar. I will try this on my eyes and see what the staying power is like.

SeaRX Anti-Wrinkle Facial Life Treatment Serum – Meh. Haven’t tried this yet but I will. It’s supposed to be a good brand…

Davines Replumping Shampoo, Conditioner, and Superactive Spray-In Treatment – Cool! I really enjoyed my last Davines samples (I’m still using the shampoo sometimes, actually) so I’m excited to try this.

Seven great samples—I totally lucked out this month! I also like the way my box contents were very cohesive in theme and color. Everything was in the pink/red/rose color family (perfect for this time of year and so pretty to open!) and everything is great to use during the holidays—red nail polish, shimmery eye liner, shiny lip gloss, etc.

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