Travel Debrief – What To Do Differently Next Time

I hope everyone had a great Christmas! I traveled across the country to celebrate with family and had a great time. Per the inspiring advice of Light by Coco, I tried to be a smart, light packer, and I think I did a pretty good job. There’s always room for improvement, though, and next time I would do a few things differently.

On my next big plane trip, I plan to:

Pack more undies. Underwear were the limiting factor in my travel wardrobe. Next time, I would swap out some extra sleepwear for more undies, which would give me more flexibility in my laundry schedule.

Take a small, rolling suitcase. I brought a big cloth duffel bag on my trip and regretted it. It was heavy and bulky and the thin straps cut into my shoulder. I love exploring airports but my big ol’ bag was a major drag. Next time, I’m buying a small suitcase with wheels that turn a full 360 degrees, or I’m paying to check my bag. I want to be light and free in the airport so I can comfortably eat, shop, etc.

Rent a car. Yes, it would have been expensive, especially after paying for plane tickets, but it would have been worth it. After a few days of staying in someone’s house and sitting in the backseat of their car, I started to feel dependent and child-like and constricted, which drives me nuts. I would have loved having my own car so I could explore the city on my own schedule, take a day trip to a major nearby attraction that I really wanted to see, and escape the family and house for a while. Renting a car would be a relatively small extra cost that would maximize both my enjoyment and the larger investment of the plane tickets!

Carry a crossbody bag or backpack. I brought along my regular tote bag that I carry daily as a purse, which was okay, but I think I would have enjoyed a different bag more–something with more structure and built-in organization pockets.

Wear a watch. I kept needing to check the time and hated digging for my phone each time.

Label all bags. This is a no-brainer, but I forgot to do it. Next time, I would use plastic zip ties and luggage tags with privacy covers, and I would prepare two sets of inserts–one to use on the way to my vacation destination and one to use on the way home. I would include my name, address, phone number, and email address.

Can’t wait for my next trip!

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