Birchbox Review – January 2015

My first Birchbox of 2015 arrived yesterday!

The box itself is super cute—the bottom is printed with colorful confetti and the top is a matching purple—but the contents were a bit of a disappointment. It’s often hard to tell right away, though, if something will be a hit. I have to experiment a little. Some of my favorite products creep up on me—they’re things I’m not excited about initially but then grow to love…like Coola BB cream, Real Chemistry enzyme peel, Marcelle Power Serum, etc.!

Here’s what I got in my box:

TOCCA Hand Cream in Cleopatra scent – This was my sample choice this month. I was excited to see it as an option because I had been thinking of buying a mini tube of TOCCA in the Birchbox store. Unfortunately, though, I don’t think this lotion is for me. Cleopatra is a nice grapefruit and cucumber scent, but it’s way too strong for me. I forgot that I can’t do heavily perfumed lotions. Plus, the sweet, heavy scent reminds me of middle and high school, when everyone used Bath and Body Works Cucumber Melon lotion. 🙂 I wonder if I could handle the Bianca scent better—it’s green tea and lemon.

The Balm Staniac in shade Beauty Queen – Huh. I wasn’t excited about this cheek and lip stain when I first saw it in my box, but I tried it this morning on my cheeks and I like it. I normally use a cream blush but the kind I have is so messy to work with—it oozes out of the sides of its container and gets everywhere. This Staniac seems like a good alternative—compact, tidy, and powerful. I used just three or four dots on the apples of each cheek—and quickly blended them in—and it seems to be working great. The color has a little more red than my current blush, which is a subtle but nice change.

Neil George shampoo and conditioner – Meh. These generous sample sizes smell nice (clean, fresh) but I’m not very familiar with the brand. It doesn’t seem particularly fancy or interesting. I might try these or I might add them to my donation stash—I haven’t decided yet.

Christian Siriano Silhouette perfume – Sigh. Another miss this month.   I can’t figure out how to open the sample bottle, but I can smell the perfume and it’s too musky/amber-y/mature for me.

Maybe I’ll get some chocolate or something in my February Birchbox. Chocolate is always a hit with me. 🙂

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