This & That

– Somehow, I stumbled into foot fetish hashtags on Instagram yesterday. Whoa. What a strange, fascinating world. I’m not sure what exactly makes an attractive foot, but red nail polish and wrinkly soles seem to be popular. I don’t get it.

– I really like the flat white at Starbucks. I can even drink it without any sugar!

– I’m trying to accomplish more in the evenings during the workweek so I don’t spend my whole weekend doing chores and errands. This week, I paid bills, wrote/wrapped/mailed a bunch of thank you cards and gifts, ran two errands, had a dentist appointment, and straightened up the house a little. Not too bad!

– There’s apparently a name for those ad nauseam and highly-styled Instagram photos of Kate Spade day planners, Laudree macaroons, Michael Kors watches, Starbucks cups, and Essie nail polish bottles taken from above: the flat lay. #itsallthesamestuff #overandover #makeitstop

– I’m only excited about the SuperBowl because of the snacks.

– I’m behind on Downtown Abbey. Gotta get caught up before Sunday night.

– In North Korea, airline pilots and crews are closely monitored by the state/military…even in the sky.

– I have some new blog posts written but I haven’t taken the photos to go with them…in weeks. Sigh.

Happy Friday!

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