A New Spin on the Charm Bracelet

One of my favorite Christmas gifts this year was a glass locket rimmed in sparkles and filled with tiny Christmas charms. Check it out:

My new Origami Owl necklace!  (I included a quarter in the photo to show scale...)

My new Origami Owl necklace! (I included a quarter in the photo to show scale…)

Can you even see that tiny gingerbread cookie girl? Totes adorbs!

The best part of the gift was that the locket and charms were packaged separately, so I got to assemble everything myself. I couldn’t wait to get home and put it all together. 🙂

Anyway, my new favorite pastime is browsing the internet for new “floating charms.” Origami Owl is the name of the company that made my locket and Christmas charms, but there are also oodles of less expensive options on Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and in craft stores. I even saw a few options in the jewelry making aisle at Walmart.

I finally found and settled on a deal on Amazon that let me choose ten tiny charms (from an impressive menu) for about $11 including shipping, which is about the cost of two Origami Owl charms. The quality and detail on these inexpensive charms isn’t as nice as Origami Owl’s, but I know I will enjoy them. Here are the charms I chose and why:

My new charms!

My new charms!

Football – A nod to my love of the Florida Gators and SEC football.

Laptop – A nod to my love of reading, writing, and…online shopping.

Coca-Cola bottle – A nod to my favorite treat and my Georgia roots!

Starbucks logo and Frappuccino – A nod to my favorite coffee shop, which always reminds me all things cozy and homey.

Bathtub – A nod to the HOURS I spend in the tub each week.

Cocktail with umbrella – A nod to my love of fun and fancy drinks, plus I wanted a splash of color in my locket.

I also got three new charms to add to my little Christmas set:



Green crystal heart  

All my Christmas charms!

All my Christmas charms!


I know I’m late to the party on this trend, but I like it. These glass lockets are quieter and easier to wear that my traditional charm bracelets, especially when I’m typing all day, and the little magnetized locket door makes it easy to switch out charms.

Now I gotta find a book charm, and an alligator, and some cats… 😉

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