Welcome to London!

Welcome to London!

A new Happy Street update hit the App Store last night…and it’s all about LONDON, mates!

Squee! I haven’t been this excited about an update in a long time. The artwork is so, so cute and I really like the red, gold, and white color scheme. Everything looks so crisp and fancy! Here’s what’s included:

Londoners Home – This red brick house with white trim is described as the home of “Famous Londoners.” I can’t wait to see who that includes! The doormat has a tobacco pipe on it—maybe we’ll see a Sherlock Holmes character? And maybe a queen or king? Shakespeare?

Big Ben – This handsome clock tower is tagged as a game in the store—I wonder how that will work?

London Taxi Stand – Ohemgee. This is cute. A fancy black cab pulls up and deposits a wealthy visitor in the neighborhood.

Imperial Bus Stop – Ack! Another cutie! A red double-decker bus full of tourists pulls up here!

London Tea Shop – What a pretty building—it has white columns and gold leaf decorations! I would totally want to eat here.

Theater – This is another pretty building with white columns, but this one is topped by a regal coat of arms flanked by two gold lions.

Phone Booth – It’s red, it’s chubby, and it’s adorbs. It also creates a London Bridge background when paired with the Tea Shop and Theater.

British Letter Box – Eek! A little red mailbox! It’s cylindrical! I wish we could leave letters here like we can for the Santa mailbox.

There are also three new outfits in the Tailor Shop, too! There’s a red guard’s uniform complete with tall fuzzy black hat, a Robin Hood outfit, and a Harry Potter outfit! I can’t wait to make these.

Well done, Godzilab! This might be my favorite neighborhood yet. The update also reopened the annual Easter egg hunt and brought back last year’s adorable Saint Patrick’s Day buildings.

I’m off to earn some Flooz!  Cheers!

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