Schedule a Get-It-Done Day!

Do you ever have one of those rare days when you get everything accomplished on your list? Ahh.

I once read a blog post (wish I could remember where) that advocated scheduling a whole day once or twice a year to tackle the odd, difficult, or neglected errands on your list–the tasks that never seem to get done on a regular day of errand-running. These tasks might include things like visiting out-of-the-way specialty stores (to find certain batteries and lightbulbs, for example), dropping off items for repair (small appliances, shoes, jewelry), making deliveries at recycling centers and charities, etc.

In the blog post, I remember that the writer wanted to have her favorite lamp rewired, buy a new battery for her fancy watch, drop off donations, etc.  She wanted to tackle the things that weren’t needs but that would be awesome to get done so she could enjoy her favorite things again, help someone in need, do something good for the environment, etc. For best results on a get-it-done day, the writer suggested that you clear your schedule, arrange for childcare (if you have kids), and dedicate the whole day to tackling your odd tasks. I would add, too, to give yourself a treat for all your hard work–maybe lunch at your favorite spot or fancy coffee. 🙂

This past weekend, I scheduled my own get-it-done day. I slept semi-late on Saturday, loaded up the car, and then I:

– Got breakfast at Hardee’s (I have a thing for their bacon biscuits)

– Went to an important meeting

– Dropped off a carload of donations (household goods) at Salvation Army

– Bought some Girl Scout cookies (for the  second time this year…love those Thin Mints)

– Went to the craft store for a couple of supplies

– Went to the credit union to deposit the contents of my coin jar (they have a machine for this)

– Stopped by the ATM at another bank

– Dropped off plastic bags for recycling

– Went to Target to stock up on household goods

– Got a late lunch at Chick-fil-A

– Stopped by Toys R Us for to look for a specific gift (no luck)

– Dropped off a bag of donations (toiletries) at the women’s shelter

– Cleaned out my car (it was a mess after all this activity!)

Whew! It was a busy, tiring day but I accomplished everything on my list and took a loooong nap afterwards. This was a very satisfying way to spend a few hours and I highly recommend it!

P.S. I once read an article (in the New York Times, maybe?) that advocated taking off a business day once a year to attend to your own financial health. The writer suggested staying home and using the day to examine your bills, research better deals, inquire about adjustments, open or close various accounts, contact advisors, etc. This sounds like another great idea to me…

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