This is a blurry pictures but you get the idea.

This is a blurry picture but you get the idea.

I’m back on the glass locket trend!

I know, I know–I’m way behind on charm bracelet trends. And yes, there ARE “charm bracelet trends.” For example, the Alex & Ani charm bracelets are still going fairly strong right now, but I never got into those. And remember Italian charm bracelets? And how those were followed by Pandora bracelets? I feel like the glass locket trend came after the Pandora trend but before the Alex & Ani trend…

Anyway, I wore my “favorite things” Origami Owl locket a few times this past winter before setting it aside for a while. I picked it back up recently and found that the back window had completely fallen off the locket and my charms were floating loose in my jewelry box. Boo! I looked online and it seems that this is a common problem for Origami Owl lockets–the lockets are expensive and notorious for breaking, but they’re only covered by a short-fuse warranty. I’m lucky that my locket broke in my jewelry box rather than when wearing it. It would be a bummer to possibly lose all my charms.

Anyway, looking at the locket stuff got me excited again about all the cute little charms out in the world. I also own a generic locket bracelet from a local gift store (which was cheaper than an Origami Owl bracelet and probably much sturdier), so I ordered myself a new set of charms to celebrate the upcoming…


Whoo-hoo! Go Gators! 🙂

I found a ready-made set of University of Florida charms on Etsy that included:

  • An Albert mascot
  • An oval Gators logo
  • A rectangular Gators logo
  • An orange “Gators” script logo
  • A blue letter “F”
  • An orange crystal heart
  • A blue crystal heart
  • And a football!

The set also came with three more charms: a “2015” text charm, a “best” text charm, and a letter “U” charm. Meh. These didn’t excite me, so I didn’t add them to my (already full) locket. Plus, having the “F” and “U” together looked more like “Eff You” than “UF”…

I kinda want to make an autumn-themed locket now, too–maybe leaves and crystals in red, orange, and yellow mixed with a pumpkin or two. Squee! I also plan to order a locket for my mom’s birthday. Somebody stop me!

Here’s the thing, though–you can find great and very inexpensive charms and lockets on eBay, Etsy, and Amazon. Many of the charms can be purchased individually and shipped for around $2 or less, or purchased and shipped in various sets or configurations for less than $1 each. I got ELEVEN great (albeit bootleg) UF charms on Etsy for about $7, which is what I expect Origami Owl will charge for ONE of its officially licensed college charms when they’re released in the fall. Granted, the coloring and detail on the Origami Owl charms will probably be better than mine, but that’s not worth the price difference to me for a trendy little thing that will fade away sooner rather than later.

My #1 tip when shopping for glass lockets and charms: If you find a locket or charm that you like, search for it at all three major retail sites (eBay, Etsy, and Amazon) to find the best price. Also, complete a general search for “floating charms” at each site, which will often lead you to sellers who allow you to pick and choose a certain number of charms from an extensive menu for one low fixed price.

Go Gators!

– Angela

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