Minimalist Cube Dweller

I had one more bag, too. Not bad!

I had one more bag, too. Not bad!

After writing recently about minimalist living in college, I realized that I actually do live lightly in one area of my life: at work!

I realized this last week because I had to move to another desk. I cleaned out and packed up in no time at all, and I was able to move ALL of my stuff in three cloth grocery bags that I could carry at ONE time! #goals

My work happens on the computer, so it’s easy for me to stay fairly “paperless.” I keep a few working copies of current projects and some reference materials in hard copy, but everything else resides on the network. As for personal stuff, I only keep a few items around: a small electric fan, a cup of favorite pens, a mug/tumbler, a cardigan, paper towels, Kleenex, and a few small decorative doo-dads. I bring in a small space heater in the winter, too.

I don’t display any photos, certificates, potted plants, etc., so my cubicle always looks kinda bare, but it doesn’t bother me.  Other people occasionally comment on it, and at one of my previous jobs, a friend actually printed a picture of a cross-stitch sampler that read “Home Sweet Home” and pinned it in my cube–hah!

I’ve know people who have jungles of plants in their cubicles or who bring in entire personal reference libraries, but that just doesn’t appeal to me.  I understand, though, why some people would want to “nest” in the space where they spend most of their waking hours.  I guess I just don’t think of my workspace as truly mine–after all, desk assignments change and jobs change.  I don’t want my cubicle to be too comfortable or welcoming, either, because I want this space to be temporary and transient.  I want always to be heading AWAY from my work cubicle and TOWARD home or my personal projects or my next (and presumably better) job.  (Don’t get me wrong–I really like my current job, but I also really like the idea of working from home or starting my own business!)

It wouldn’t be so bad, though, to bring in a few more things to jazz up my new desk.  I’ll think on it…

– Angela

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