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One of Each, Please

I can't even.

I can’t even.

I’ve been thinking about it and I’ve decided that I need a miniature designer handbag. Here are my reasons:

  1. I cannot afford a full-size designer handbag.
  2. I love miniature things.

Click on the collage above to check out my round-up of mini bags, which are actually fancy key fobs.  They would be the perfect size for American Girl dolls!

Kate Spade Maise Key Fob in Vivid Snapdragon and Cherry Liquer (

Tory Burch Mini York Key Fob in Fairview Blue, 797 Shearling Mini Bag Key Fob in Natural, and Fleming Key Fob in Black (all available at

Lauren Ralph Lauren Mini Tote Bag Charm (available at

Michael Kors Cindy Key Fob in Wisteria (available at

Which one is your favorite? I’m digging the little red Kate Spade bag.


Awesome Advent Calendars


YAS!  Tarte’s “Petite Treats” Advent calendar from 2014!

I know, I know–it’s not even Halloween yet. I hate rushing the seasons, too. But if I want to buy a fancy beauty/candle/gourmet Advent calendar (and I do), I need to think about getting it soon. They sell out quickly!

Are you familiar with these calendars? You probably know about chocolate Advent calendars–the ones where you open a little cardboard door each day in December and pop out a piece of (poor quality) chocolate.   I’ve gotten one of those every year since I was I child–I love them. But there are fancier Advent calendars available, too, that are filled with little gifts–especially in the UK (lucky ducks). Check out these 2015 round-ups here and here.  (And this link shows last year’s calendars, if you’re interested.)

I totally want a Tarte, Lush, QVC, Yankee Candle, or Charlotte Tilbury calendar!  The only one of these that’s available already is the Yankee Candle calendar:

This one is available now and I might just bite the bullet and get it.

I might just bite the bullet and get this. It would be fun to burn a little tea light each night.

If makeup/skincare isn’t your thing, check the list below for some of the other kinds of Advent calendars I’ve seen online:

– Whiskey
– Beer
– Tea
– Gourmet chocolate (Lindt, etc.)
– Lego (with City, Friends, and Star Wars versions)
– Playmobil (numerous themes!)
– Barbie
– Kinder Surprise (the chocolate eggs with toys inside!)
– Starbucks

Are you going to snag a fancy Advent calendar this year?  I want them all!  I think most of these will hit stores right after Halloween, so I plan to start checking sites daily on November 1st!


10/27/15 Edited to add: The 2015 QVC calendar is now available here! The Charlotte Tilbury calendar is now available here…but for $200!  (Nope!)  I recently saw the Tarte “Petite Treats” set on either the Sephora or Ulta website, too, but the goodies were packaged in a makeup bag for 2015, not an Advent calendar.  I can’t find the set online now, though–maybe it already sold out?

Is This Fan Fiction?! OMG

Walk like an Egyptian...

Walk like an Egyptian! (Or ride a camel.)

This is embarrassing, but I had a lot of fun writing it and I’m posting it anyway! 🙂


Recently found in the social pages of the Happy Street Gazette:

Please welcome the Fennec fox* family and Mr. Tut Mummy to Happy Street!

The Fennec family hails from the Nile River Valley and includes eldest brother Mr. Oupouaout, 29, and younger twin siblings Mr. Fenni Mr. Sen** and Miss Bastet, 25. The family recently relocated to our lovely street with their maternal cousin, Mr. Tutankhamun (Tut) Mummy, 28. Many readers may be familiar with Mr. Tut from his previous visits to Halloween Town, where resides his paternal cousin, Little Skeleton Bear (originally of Transylvania).

The Fennecs have settled on the western side of Happy Street in a handsome suite of sandstone buildings near Jurassic Park. Mr. Tut resides in Haunted House on the east side, but he commutes daily to the Fennec property via a private metro stop disguised as an ornate sarcophagus. The stop was designed and built by none other than Happy Street co-founder Billy the Fox.

The Fennec family and Mr. Tut share interest in three new public ventures. Mr. Oupouaout designs striking costume masks at Champollion’s Dream, the likes of which discerning citizens will seek for the next fiesta. Mr. Oupouaout draws upon ancient Egyptian myth to inspire and shape his work, and patrons will be dazzled by the gold leaf, inlaid jewels, and delicate hieroglyphics used in his designs. Mr Oupouaout’s fine talent is also on display in two new public pieces, the Anubis Statue and Obelisk, which were recently delivered from his Egyptian studio and installed near the Fennec residence, the Sphynx House.

Mr. Fenni Sen manages the beautiful new Oasis Splash event space, now available for parties. The lush venue is outfitted in a cozy, Bedouin style and features a striking fountain centerpiece. Rumor has it that the highly discerning Miss Sopica Artiste is considering the space for her next exhibition.

Finally, Miss Bastet is the proprietress of Nile Delicacies, an open-air boutique offering exotic fragrances, spices, and cosmetics. All products are organic and directly sourced, and Miss Bastet provides personalized skincare and makeup consultations. Early Happy Street devotees of Miss Bastet’s methods recommend her moisturizing milk bath ritual.

Readers may find it interesting that a certain orange fox was recently spotted treating Miss Bastet to macarons and coffee at Aux Bons Macarons in Paris Town. The meeting is rumored to have been arranged by a mutual friend from Valentine Town, Ms. Lovely Swan. The strikingly beautiful Miss Bastet arrived by perfumed camel. She wore a custom linen dress from Dahlia a la Mode paired with dramatic eye makeup.


* Maybe the residents are dogs?  They look like foxes to me.

** I haven’t reached Level 3 for my Sphynx House, so I don’t know the name of the third resident right now. 🙂  I used the word “Sen,” which is a version of the ancient Egyptian word for brother.  10/27/15 Edited to add: His name is Fenni.  🙂

Make (or Restock) a Mini “Emergency” Kit

Ack! So cute! (Image from

Ack! So cute! (Image from

I love the “Minimergency” kits made by Pinch Provisions. (You know I love a good kit!)  The Minimergency kits are adorable little pouches that contain oodles of “just in case” health, beauty, and fashion items to keep in your purse, backpack, or diaper bag. Each little pouch fits in your palm but contains all of the following:

Image from

Ready for (almost!) anything!  (Image from

Ready for (almost) anything! (Image from

Can’t tell what’s what?  Here’s another look.  (Image from

I own a Minimergency kit and I’ve bought several as gifts, but you could easily make a cute DIY version, too.  The nice thing about buying the Pinch Provisions version is that everything matches and is neatly labeled, but I hesitate to actually use anything because it’s all so cute–and that completely defeats the purpose!

Therefore, this post includes some ideas for building DIY kits or restocking one you already have.  Christmas will be here soon, and “emergency” kits like these would be great gifts or stocking stuffers for the ladies on your list!

Note:  The key to making or restocking your kit is to think tiny–even tinier than “travel size”!  Read on!

Step One.  Find a pouch. Look for a biggish coin purse, a small makeup bag, or a little pencil case.

Step Two.  Fill your pouch with the stuff you probably already own:

Two hair tie(s).
Four bobby pins.
Two neatly folded tissues.
Tweezers (standard tweezers are pretty small to begin with, but there are mini versions available, too).
Nail clippers (the kind with an attached nail file).
Applicator-free or compact tampon.
Two Band-Aids.
Breath freshener. Don’t forget to include a wrapped mint or stick of gum.
Lip balm. You can probably squeeze in a full-sized tube of lip balm. I’ve also seen mini bullets of lip balm sold in vending machines in movie theater restrooms. (I believe the brand is Lip Rageous and the balm comes in all kinds of fruity flavors.)

Step Three.  Get creative and see how many of the following goodies you can find and add, too!

Sewing kit. You just need a needle, lengths of black and white thread, a safety pin or two, and maybe a button. Wind the thread on a small piece of cardstock, and tape the needle to the back.

Individually packaged moist wipe. Snag extras the next time you order hot wings at a restaurant, or check for individually packaged Wet Wipes in the baby department at your favorite store.

Two earring backs. Buy extras in the jewelry section of any store like Target or Walmart, or raid your jewelry box for old earrings you don’t wear. Sterilize the backs by soaking them in rubbing alcohol.

Colgate Wisp mini toothbrush, dental floss, and/or dental pick. My dentist gives me mini spools of dental floss each time I visit her.  You could just snap off a length from your regular spool, too.

Hairspray. Ask for an extra perfume sample spray vial the next time you’re at Sephora and you can fill it with (non-aerosol) hairspray. If you already have a few perfume sample vials that you’d like to use, try flushing them out with rubbing alcohol before adding hairspray.

New, sealed packet of two ibuprofen tablets. You can find these at convenience stores and in restroom vending machines. (Note: I do not recommend carrying or giving unmarked and unpackaged pills!)

Deodorant towelette. These can be tricky to find, but I bought some made by LA Fresh and sold from Birchbox.

Nail polish remover towelette. These are also tricky to find, but Birchbox sells some!

Fashion tape. Buy a pack of double-sided “fashion tape” for your kit(s). Try the Hollywood brand sold at Bed Bath and Beyond. (I tried a cheap version from Dollar Tree and it left adhesive on my clothes!)

Stain remover towelette.  I found a three-pack of Shout wipes in the dollar section at Target.

Clear nail polish. Clear nail polish is great for stopping runs in your tights or adding a little shine to your nails on the go. Finding a tiny bottle of clear nail polish is kinda tough, though. OPI and Essie often sell sets of mini polishes, but they’re colored.  Walmart sells tiny bottles of Bon Bons nail polish, but I’ve never seen one in clear.  Maybe you could buy a bottle of Bon Bon polish (a light color?), empty it, clean it out (fill with nail polish remover, close, and shake?), and then refill it with clear polish…but that sounds messy and tedious.  Thoughts?

Other ideas for your kit: Blotting paper, lotion, allergy medicine, eye drops, spare contact lens, comb, perfume sample, mirror, tiny Swiss Army knife

Yay for preparedness!  🙂

– Angela