October Memories, November Goals

This is a slightly melted Zombie Frappuccino. Look at the color at the bottom. Foul.

As I write this, it’s the first day of November and a brand new month in the busiest season of the year. I was brandishing a Styrofoam sword in a haunted house last night, and this morning I’m sipping my coffee from a paper cup adorned with Christmas trees and wrapped gifts. Starbucks wastes no time.

Speaking of time, I’m looking forward to a relaxing November after a busy October. I had places to be—or was sick in bed—every single day in October, which is highly unusual for a girl who strives to keep one whole day free each weekend for her books, baths, and cats. In October, there were family birthdays to celebrate, a dear friend’s wedding to attend, a trip to my alma mater for homecoming, Halloween events, urgent errands, a terrible virus/cold, several medical/vet appointments, and, of course, my full-time job.

I know I’ve been busier than usual because certain things have fallen by the wayside at home. I haven’t pulled out my winter clothing yet. I ordered new bedding but I haven’t swapped out the old. Summer-themed prints are still in the picture frames on my dresser, behind a mountain of clutter and recent purchases. October flew by so fast that we didn’t even buy pumpkins for the porch, or make our annual visit to a farmer’s market or corn maze!

It was a good month overall, though, and I certainly don’t mean to complain about friendship and fun. I’ve jotted down some October memories below.

The Good:

  • A Witches Tea Party at the Hunter House Victorian Museum, followed by drinks at a rooftop bar, poke bowls, and singing aloud to an awesome cover band.
  • My friend’s beautiful autumn wedding. The ceremony was poignant and funny and the reception struck exactly the right tone between elegant (chandeliers, string lights, white pumpkins) and casual (bluegrass band, open bar, family-style BBQ dinner).
  • Dancing with Will to Mumford & Sons and Johnny Cash songs.
  • Tailgating in Gainesville with wonderful friends! Singing Gainesville-native Tom Petty’s “Won’t Back Down” in a stadium full of Gators.
  • Helping to create an awesome haunted backyard for trick-or-treaters!
  • My pirate wench costume.
  • Clark is okay after a scary emergency vet appointment. Whew.
  • A good friend of mine began dating a wonderful guy.
  • The smell of college brochures (fancy paper, slick printing) and fun-size candy bars (plasticky, sweet).

The Bad:

  • The unexpected passing of a dear family friend, Miss Melinda.
  • The loss of Tom Petty.

The Ugly:

  • The Florida Gators football season.
  • The death of my iPhone.
  • The terrible, terrible virus that worked its way around my office and household.
  • The Zombie Frappuccino.

My goal for November is to recharge and reset. More specifically, I want to:

  • Overhaul my bedroom. Dust, declutter, and organize.
  • Assess and supplement my fall/winter wardrobe. Put away my few summer-specific items and set aside or donate anything that doesn’t feel warm and cozy. (I’m looking at you, polyester shirts.)
  • Pack away Halloween decorations (sad) and bring out the Thanksgiving things (yay!).
  • Bake pumpkin bread.
  • Make a dent in my Christmas shopping and wrapping (or, at least, the planning).
  • Plan my Christmas toy drive and food bank donations (I love to scheme to get the most bang for my buck).
  • Host our annual family Thanksgiving at our house.

How was your October? What are your plans for November? What signs do you notice in your own life when you need to recharge and reset?

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