Happy Thanksgiving!

Illustration by Kanako Kuno.

Thanksgiving is only two days away! Huzzah! At my house, we’ve been planning and cleaning and shopping and making all the lists.

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because it’s the official kickoff to the whole holiday season. The fun and anticipation of Christmas is right around the corner, but the long Thanksgiving weekend is a chance to savor the last moments of Autumn among golden light, crisp leaves, and cheerful pumpkins.

My family’s Thanksgiving traditions are simple. My parents and siblings come to town and stay at our house for the long weekend. It’s fun to have the house full-to-bursting and everyone under one roof again. On Thanksgiving morning, we watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and someone pops out to buy a newspaper. The paper is always thick with glossy holiday catalogs, which we like to peruse throughout the day.

We eat our big meal at lunchtime, buffet-style, and we invite local friends over, too. Each person has favorite family dishes that he or she is responsible for making: Will makes the turkey and his Nana Stella’s stuffing, my mom makes her famous pecan pies and my late grandmother’s cornbread dressing, my sister makes cranberry vodka, and I make mashed potatoes and bacon-grease green beans. After we eat, we spend the afternoon “visiting,” napping, grazing, drinking, and watching football.

I almost forgot to mention our most important family tradition: Before we begin to eat, everyone gathers in the living room and we take turns telling the group what we’re especially thankful for this year. There is always laughter and always tears. After that, my dad says the blessing—and then we feast!

I hope everyone has a happy, happy Thanksgiving!


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