Peppermint Packages

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It’s November 1st! And I’m unapologetically leaning into Christmas. I’m not pushing aside the remainder of autumn and all of its wonderfulness, but I also believe in striking while the iron is hot. I have excitement and energy right now about certain Christmas preparations so I’m going to act on it!

You know how some people have a new decorating theme each Christmas? Well, I like to have a new wrapping paper scheme each Christmas. I love to brainstorm and plan my “signature look” each year. Last year, I wanted something traditional and fancy, so I used tartan plaid paper and satin ribbon in red and dark green. The year before, I went kitsch and used a bright teal, gingerbread-themed Hello Kitty wrapping paper.

This year, I’m aiming for classic and cheerful—a candy cane theme! I bought red and white striped paper that I’ll pair with red/white baker’s twine and red satin ribbon. I also found some kraft paper tags and little round tags printed like peppermints. To top everything off, I’ll add a candy cane or sprig of greenery to each package.

I’ve collected a few gifts already and can’t wait to start wrapping. I enjoy wrapping presents, so one year I waited until Christmas Eve to wrap all of my gifts as a kind of treat for myself—but it was horrible! It took forever and I was hidden away in a bedroom while everyone else hung out together. I will never do that again. Now, I wrap gifts in small groups as I collect them.

What about you? Do you plan a “signature look” for your gift wrap each year or am I just weird? Do you wrap presents as you go or do you save everything for one marathon wrapping session?

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