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The Busy Season

It snowed last night in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp!

A friend texted me an invite last week to play one of her favorite phone games. I felt really bad, but I had to text back and tell her that I simply don’t have the time to play it right now.  It’s Christmastime, and I’m already up to my ears in crafting, shopping, visiting, and gift-giving…in my own favorite phone games (ahem).

Whew. Managing these phone games during the holiday season is like having a second job.  I’m grinding like whoa in Happy Street, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, and Tsum Tsum to take full advantage of all the limited-edition holiday content.

I have major FOMO.  I don’t want to miss the window of opportunity to get all the limited-time things, so I have to regularly visit all my virtual friends, collect and send gifts left and right, and carefully plan my virtual schedules and budgets to maximize my goodies. I also have to attend to a few similar things IRL, too: crafting, shopping, visiting, gift-giving…  😉

I’m making good progress. I’ve already gotten one of each limited-time Christmas décor item in ACPC; I’d like to get multiples of a few things.  My Happy Street Christmas tree is on level of 3 of 4 and I’ve remembered to open the Advent calendar every day. Tsum Tsum is driving me nuts with its snowflake game this year. You have to play so much–hundreds and hundreds of times–to finish the challenges.  It’s boring but I don’t want to miss the little pin/medal for completing the game.

Please tell me I’m not the only adult woman who is stressing over her phone games this month.  Please?


Is This Fan Fiction?! OMG

Walk like an Egyptian...

Walk like an Egyptian! (Or ride a camel.)

This is embarrassing, but I had a lot of fun writing it and I’m posting it anyway! 🙂


Recently found in the social pages of the Happy Street Gazette:

Please welcome the Fennec fox* family and Mr. Tut Mummy to Happy Street!

The Fennec family hails from the Nile River Valley and includes eldest brother Mr. Oupouaout, 29, and younger twin siblings Mr. Fenni Mr. Sen** and Miss Bastet, 25. The family recently relocated to our lovely street with their maternal cousin, Mr. Tutankhamun (Tut) Mummy, 28. Many readers may be familiar with Mr. Tut from his previous visits to Halloween Town, where resides his paternal cousin, Little Skeleton Bear (originally of Transylvania).

The Fennecs have settled on the western side of Happy Street in a handsome suite of sandstone buildings near Jurassic Park. Mr. Tut resides in Haunted House on the east side, but he commutes daily to the Fennec property via a private metro stop disguised as an ornate sarcophagus. The stop was designed and built by none other than Happy Street co-founder Billy the Fox.

The Fennec family and Mr. Tut share interest in three new public ventures. Mr. Oupouaout designs striking costume masks at Champollion’s Dream, the likes of which discerning citizens will seek for the next fiesta. Mr. Oupouaout draws upon ancient Egyptian myth to inspire and shape his work, and patrons will be dazzled by the gold leaf, inlaid jewels, and delicate hieroglyphics used in his designs. Mr Oupouaout’s fine talent is also on display in two new public pieces, the Anubis Statue and Obelisk, which were recently delivered from his Egyptian studio and installed near the Fennec residence, the Sphynx House.

Mr. Fenni Sen manages the beautiful new Oasis Splash event space, now available for parties. The lush venue is outfitted in a cozy, Bedouin style and features a striking fountain centerpiece. Rumor has it that the highly discerning Miss Sopica Artiste is considering the space for her next exhibition.

Finally, Miss Bastet is the proprietress of Nile Delicacies, an open-air boutique offering exotic fragrances, spices, and cosmetics. All products are organic and directly sourced, and Miss Bastet provides personalized skincare and makeup consultations. Early Happy Street devotees of Miss Bastet’s methods recommend her moisturizing milk bath ritual.

Readers may find it interesting that a certain orange fox was recently spotted treating Miss Bastet to macarons and coffee at Aux Bons Macarons in Paris Town. The meeting is rumored to have been arranged by a mutual friend from Valentine Town, Ms. Lovely Swan. The strikingly beautiful Miss Bastet arrived by perfumed camel. She wore a custom linen dress from Dahlia a la Mode paired with dramatic eye makeup.


* Maybe the residents are dogs?  They look like foxes to me.

** I haven’t reached Level 3 for my Sphynx House, so I don’t know the name of the third resident right now. 🙂  I used the word “Sen,” which is a version of the ancient Egyptian word for brother.  10/27/15 Edited to add: His name is Fenni.  🙂


Welcome to London!

Welcome to London!

A new Happy Street update hit the App Store last night…and it’s all about LONDON, mates!

Squee! I haven’t been this excited about an update in a long time. The artwork is so, so cute and I really like the red, gold, and white color scheme. Everything looks so crisp and fancy! Here’s what’s included:

Londoners Home – This red brick house with white trim is described as the home of “Famous Londoners.” I can’t wait to see who that includes! The doormat has a tobacco pipe on it—maybe we’ll see a Sherlock Holmes character? And maybe a queen or king? Shakespeare?

Big Ben – This handsome clock tower is tagged as a game in the store—I wonder how that will work?

London Taxi Stand – Ohemgee. This is cute. A fancy black cab pulls up and deposits a wealthy visitor in the neighborhood.

Imperial Bus Stop – Ack! Another cutie! A red double-decker bus full of tourists pulls up here!

London Tea Shop – What a pretty building—it has white columns and gold leaf decorations! I would totally want to eat here.

Theater – This is another pretty building with white columns, but this one is topped by a regal coat of arms flanked by two gold lions.

Phone Booth – It’s red, it’s chubby, and it’s adorbs. It also creates a London Bridge background when paired with the Tea Shop and Theater.

British Letter Box – Eek! A little red mailbox! It’s cylindrical! I wish we could leave letters here like we can for the Santa mailbox.

There are also three new outfits in the Tailor Shop, too! There’s a red guard’s uniform complete with tall fuzzy black hat, a Robin Hood outfit, and a Harry Potter outfit! I can’t wait to make these.

Well done, Godzilab! This might be my favorite neighborhood yet. The update also reopened the annual Easter egg hunt and brought back last year’s adorable Saint Patrick’s Day buildings.

I’m off to earn some Flooz!  Cheers!

A Growth Spurt on Happy Street!

My Happy Street Ninja Neighborhood - Level 2!

My new ninja neighborhood – Level 2!

After weeks/months of not working, the free Flooz videos finally came back to my Happy Street.  I saved up what Flooz I could and then bought the rest I needed to get all the new Valentine’s Day and ninja buildings.  Considering how much time I’ve invested in this game, I consider it money well spent to keep entertaining me and supporting the developers!

My Happy Street Ninja Neighborhood - Level 1!

My new ninja neighborhood – Level 1!

My new Valentine's Day buildings - Level 1!

My new Valentine’s Day buildings – Level 1!

My new Valentine's Day buildings - Level 2!

My new Valentine’s Day buildings – Level 2!


Ninjas on Happy Street!

The Lunar New Year is here!

The Lunar New Year is here–with ninjas!

A new Happy Street update hit my Apple App Store on Saturday and it’s…a little confusing to me, to be honest.

The update includes three new Valentine’s Day buildings and a bunch of new ninja stuff to commemorate the Lunar New Year and the Year of the Goat. The update release notes refer to the ninjas as “tanuki ninjas,” which I had to look up. Tanuki is the Japanese name of the raccoon dog, which is an Asiatic animal in the fox/dog family that resembles a raccoon in coloring and markings. According to a Google search, tanuki feature prominently in Japanese folklore and tanuki ninjas seem to be popular characters in modern anime. All of this is new information to me. Plus, I think of China when I think of the Lunar New Year and Japan when I think of ninjas and anime, so the combined theme is a little confusing to me, but maybe I just need to relax and go with it.

Anyway, this is a large update that brings 10 new buildings and a hefty price tag. The new Valentine buildings cost a total of 180 Flooz and the new ninja buildings cost a total of 390 Flooz. Yeefs. For the first time ever, I might not be able to get everything before the themes expire from the shop. I used all of my Flooz on December 24th to finish visiting/decorating my Christmas tree and now I’m broke! I used to be able to get an extra 20 Flooz a day from watching short video ads, but those haven’t worked for me—or most people, according to the internet—in months. I don’t believe the free Flooz videos were ever available to non-Apple users, either, which doesn’t seem fair. Now, I can only get the standard 8+ Flooz a day from sales to Pepin, full train loads, mini games, etc. Sigh.

New Valentine's Day goodies in the Happy Street shop!

New Valentine’s Day goodies in the Happy Street shop!

Anyway, the new Valentine’s Day buildings include a Valentine’s Flowers shop, Chi Choc Lovers chocolate shop, and a red Heart Warming Sculpture that creates a decorative street backdrop. The new Lunar New Year buildings include the Tanuki House (topped with a ninja throwing star), a Fire Mountain ride, a Taiyaki Cookies stand, an Omamori Lucky Charms shop, a New Year Goat Statue, a Tengu Statue, a Kappa Statue, and Kanji Ground. I had to look up many of these terms:

  • Taiyaki is a traditional Japanese cake baked in the shape of fish and filled with sweet red bean paste, custard, chocolate, etc. Some savory versions also exist. The cakes are prepared like waffles by pouring batter into a molded iron press.
  • Omamori are Japanese good luck and protection charms sold at religious sites and dedicated to Shinto deities or Buddhist figures (I remember reading about these in Marie Kondo’s book). They provide blessings and benefits to their owners for a year and are then returned/exchanged for new charms.
  • “Tengu” means heavenly dog. These are creatures found in Japanese folklore and they are also considered a type of Shinto god. Tengu depictions usually look more bird-like than dog-like, and traditions describe them variously as demonic or protective forest spirits.
  • A Kappa is a scaly, humanoid, river-dwelling, mischievous-to-malevolent creature in Japanese folklore. They are often drawn to resemble turtles.
  • Kanji are adopted Chinese characters that are used in the modern Japanese writing system.
  • Shintoism is an ancient religion of Japan that believes in multiple gods/spiritual powers in the natural world.
New Ninja goodies in the Happy Street shop...

New ninja goodies in the Happy Street shop…

More ninja goodies in the shop...

More ninja goodies in the shop…

These are horribly abbreviated definitions about very broad, very ancient topics, but you get the idea. It’s funny—I’ve definitely learned several new cultural tidbits from Happy Street across the years (like about Haussmann architecture in Paris…and steampunk…and new details about Day of the Dead…).

All of the old Valentine buildings and Chinese and Japanese buildings are available again in the Happy Street shop, too, plus there’s a new outfit to sew in the tailor shop—a Mighty Monkey 2 outfit. Is that another anime reference? #clueless

I’ll focus on getting the new Valentine’s Day goodies first. I like to save enough Flooz to buy all the “matching” businesses and houses at one time so my neighborhood grows together at the same rate. The high price of everything is really daunting, however. I appreciate the hard work of the Happy Street developers, but I do wish we had more opportunities to earn Flooz in the absence of the ad videos.

Gift for You – Customizable Packing List!

She's making a list...and checking it twice...

She’s making a list…and checking it twice…

Yay!  The holidays are finally here, and that means many of us will travel near and far to celebrate with family and friends.

Are you planning a trip?  If so, download my customizable Packing List.  Use it as is or easily edit it in Microsoft Word to fit your own needs.  I like to print a copy and keep it near my bags as I pack so I don’t forget anything.


P.S. – My Happy Street penguin neighborhood reached Level 3 yesterday!

My Happy Street penguin neighborhood!

My penguin neighborhood!


Welcome to Happy Street, Penguins!

My first Penguin!

My first Penguin!

Yay!  The annual Christmas update for Happy Street came out last Friday night!  And it includes ice-skating, hot-chocolate-sipping PENGUINS!  I guess the news about my awesome street traveled all the way to the South Pole. 🙂

It’s all so adorable.  The Penguins live in an igloo and they brought three new businesses–a Winter Sports Shop, a Hot-Hot Chocolate Shop, and an Ice Rink.  There’s also a little Snowballs HQ decoration that generates a snowy mountain backdrop complete with a seal sculpture and a swath of glowy Northern Lights.  There’s a cute Heading North signpost and cool blue Ice Sheet flooring, too, that looks like a frozen lake or ocean.

The update also brought two new outfits in the Tailor Shop (a snowman costume and a reindeer costume!) and all the regular markings of Christmastime in Happy Street–it snows every few minutes and Santa Claus drives through town in his sleigh.  We can also visit our Christmas trees again to earn gifts for Christmas Day and the Advent Calendar should open again on December 1st!  The app version description said there are some all-new tree and calendar gifts this year, so I’m especially excited about that.  I can’t wait to see what we get!

My growing Penguin village!

My growing Penguin village!

P.S. – The skaters do something especially cute when the Ice Rink reaches level two…  🙂

P.P.S. – I wonder why the Happy Street Santa Claus is a pig.  Maybe because pigs are fat and jolly?  Maybe because pigs traditionally represent good luck and abundance?  Here’s another idea why…


Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!  Here's my spooky Happy Street neighborhood!

My spooky Happy Street neighborhood!

I hope everyone has a


evening of


My Dia De Los Muertos neighborhood is growing!

My Dia De Los Muertos neighborhood is growing!

Another New Happy Street Theme – El Dia De Los Muertos!

El Dia de los Muertos in Happy Street!

El Dia de los Muertos in Happy Street!

When it rains, it pours. Happy Street released another new theme yesterday right on the heels of the Farm theme: El Dia de los Muertos!

Of course, it’s all adorable and I’m so excited to see Happy Street continue its world tour with a stop in Mexico. El Dia de los Muertos, or The Day of the Dead, is Mexico’s annual holiday to remember and celebrate the lives of family members and friends who have passed away. It’s a colorful, joyful event filled with special food, music, costumes, and dancing, and the Happy Street theme reflects that perfectly:

The Calaveras’ (The Skulls’) House – This is the adobe house of the Muertos—a skeleton family!

Muertos & Calacas & Calaveras!

Muertos & Calacas & Calaveras!

Tunicas y Mascaras (Tunics and Masks) – This is a costume shop so your villagers can get ready for all the parades and dances!

Spicy Cakes – You can’t have an El Dia de los Muertos festival without the traditional treats! This bakery (another Happy Street bakery! I have like ten different bakeries, but I’m not complaining) sells bone-shaped cookies and cupcakes decorated with sugar skulls. I thought the cookies were dog treats at first, so I was confused until I remembered the whole skeleton theme (duh).

Cactus Shop – Cute! A little spot to buy succulents and cacti!

El Mariachi – This is a decoration of a xylophone-playing skeleton. He’s wearing a traditional mariachi suit and sombrero and bobbing his head to the music.

Candelero (Candlestick) – This is nice—it’s a candelabra with glowing flames. Candles are used during the festival to decorate graves and create a warm, bright, and inviting atmosphere that guides and welcomes the spirits.

Marigolds Ground – I really like the road pieces. The sidewalk is decorated with colorful sugar skulls on a white background and the road is covered in bright yellow marigolds, which are traditionally placed on the graves of departed adults (white orchids and baby’s breath are placed on the graves of children on the day before, or El Dia de los Inocentes).

Also, Happy Street re-released all the Halloween content from previous years, too, like the Scary Ride, Halloween Mask Shop, and haunted houses.

I’m low on Flooz after splurging on the Farm theme, but I’m saving up again and will probably wait until I can buy everything at once. That way, all the elements of my little Mexican neighborhood will grow at the same pace.

I really appreciate the way that Godzilab researches its themes and packs its illustrations full of significant details. I did just a few minutes of research on El Dia de los Muertos and could immediately recognize many of the holiday’s features reflected in the new Happy Street items. Godzilab is generous in that Happy Street provides multiple avenues for earning free Flooz, but I plan to make an in-app purchase to help support the developers.

Can’t wait for the next update! I hope there are a few new goodies this year for Christmas, too…

10/31/14 – Edited to add this photo of my new sugar skull neighborhood!  It took me a couple of weeks to save enough Flooz but then I bought everything at once:

My little sugar skull neighborhood!

My little sugar skull neighborhood!

Happy Street – New Farm Theme

My All-American farm!

My fledgling farm!

After a week of waiting, the Farm update for the Happy Street game finally hit the App Store last night…and it’s adorable.

The Farm theme is definitely Happy Street’s nod to all things American. The game already has content related to France, Ireland, China, Japan, and a host of holidays (like Christmas and Halloween), but the Farm update is a mix of elements dedicated to the history of the American West and agriculture in America’s “Bread Basket” region.

Here’s what the new Farm theme includes:

Muh Farmers house. You can’t have a classic American farm without a red barn and a cow family! Moo!

Steamer Wheel. This is a paddle boat ride for your Happy Street citizens! I immediately thought of Mark Twain and the Mississippi River when I saw this little steamboat. The characters hop into baskets and ride (bumpily!) around the wheel. So cute.

Grandma’s Jams. This is a beautiful little shop! Happy Streeters stop by and carry away little glass jars of jam.

Ol’ Days Outfits. Here’s where your citizens can go to dress like proper pioneers. They leave the store with pigtail braids, sunbonnets, suspenders, and wide-brimmed hats. The outfits remind me of the clothes Laura Ingalls and her family wore in the Little House books, and the store reminds me of the “old timey” photo booths at amusement parks were you can dress in nineteenth century costumes and have black-and-white portraits made! (Side note: I don’t see any new clothing options in the Tailor Shop menu with this update.)

Sir Rabbit’s House. This house of bunnies is a little random considering the theme, but they are super cute (one wears glasses!). The house is decorated in white, blue, green, and orange and can work for a spring or Easter theme, too.

Catch ‘em All “Magic Tree.” This is a little game within a game! Each time the tree restocks, you have three chances to drop and catch fruits in a moving basket for coin prizes. It’s harder than it would seem and I need more practice! I wish the tree gave Flooz prizes instead of coins, though.

Good Ol’ Pies. This is another bakery! I think my Happy Street has at least four or five different bakeries, but I’m not complaining. The shoppers at Good Ol’ Pies take away tiny single slices of (yellow) apple and (dark red) cherry pie…which makes me think of Johnny Appleseed and George Washington!

Decorations. The Farm theme also includes an iconic red Silo and a pretty little Floral Arrangement, as well as a rustic Directional Sign post topped by an American bald eagle.

One Flake Only. I don’t have this building yet but it’s a little gold mine—the great California Gold Rush is definitely an important part of American history! I wonder if the characters will visit and leave with pickaxes!

And, as if all this wasn’t enough, there are also horse-drawn Conestoga wagons and stagecoaches driving through town now! Little pioneers hop off and shop before galloping away. You can also purchase and lay Straw Ground road in front of your farm. It’s striped in rows like a harvested field and there are little horseshoe prints in the dirt.

Almost all of these must-have items are expensive (50 to 130 Flooz apiece!) and the entire theme requires 19 lots on the street.  The Farm theme is available for a limited time (for 63 more days according to my game), so I hope that’s ample opportunity for players to earn enough Flooz to get everything they want. Building times seem to be quite short, though, and the materials required for building updates are modest.

All in all, the Farm details are incredibly thoughtful and the artwork is as wonderful as always. It’s fun to see, too, what a French company thinks of when it’s developing an American theme. I’ve heard that other countries think of cowboys and pioneers when they think of America, and this update definitely reflects such a conceptualization. Frequent, substantive updates like this one have kept me playing Happy Street for years—and I hope the developers release some new Halloween content soon, too!

P.S.  Another one of my favorite app games is Tiny Thief. It’s the only game I’ve found that I’ve enjoyed as much as Happy Street. Check it out.